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Every Casio Prizm contains a small white sticker on the back, below the RESTART button and above the battery compartment, with a Code 128 barcode and its content. This may also be next to be batteries, underneath the battery case on the fx-CG50. This is the product ID and contains, among other data, the calculator production year and month.

Here's how to read the product ID:

  • mmmmm - model. 755AW for the fx-CG 10, 755DW for the fx-CG 20, 755CW for the blue "School Property" version of the fx-CG 10[1].
  • Y - last digit of production year, starting in 2008 and ending in 2017.
  • M - production month. 1 through 9 for January-September, X for October, Y for November and Z for December.
  • MA - appears to always be "MA" on the Prizm.
  • xxxxxx - serial number.


Given the ID


...we can extract the following information:

  • The calculator is a fx-CG 10 (755AW);
  • It was produced in October 2010;
  • It was the 4579th Prizm calculator to be produced.

Given the ID


...we can extract the following information:

  • The calculator is a fx-CG 20 (755DW);
  • It was produced in April 2011;
  • It was the 67642nd Prizm calculator to be produced.


Every Casio Prizm contains a 8-byte alphanumeric ID in the first boot sector, more precisely at the address 0x8001FFD0, where CASIOABS is located. This ID is random and appears to be included so that the device can conform to the USB spec (according to which every device must expose a unique ID). When connected through USB, the calculator indeed uses this ID.


  1. Some photos of this model can be found here.