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Header: fxcg/file.h
Syscall index: 0x1562
Function signature: int MCSGetDlen2(unsigned char* dir, unsigned char* item, int* data_len)

Gets the length in bytes of the item in main memory, and selects it for posterior usage by, for example, MCSGetData1.


  • unsigned char* dir - The name of the directory where the item is located.
  • unsigned char* item - The name of the item.
  • int* data_len - Pointer to variable that will receive the length of the data.


  • 0 for success;
  • other values on failure.


Selects dir\item as the item for MCSGetData1 to operate with. As explained on its article, process switching (i.e. GetKey) can't occur between the calls to these syscalls.