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This page has not been completed. Parts may be missing or reorganized before completed. Information is provided as-is and may have errors.

This tutorial will introduce you to the Prizm SDK (version 0.3), how it is structured, and how you create and build projects.

The Include Folder

This folder contains required headers for C/C++ programs. It is known that the headers are a bit chaotic and a rebuild of the headers is being done.

The Toolchain Folder

The toolchain folder is home of two files, prizm.ld and prizm_rules. prizm.ld is a file that is used by the linker when compiling to provide information about the prizm, how data and ram is laid out, and where to put stuff. prizm_rules is a Makefile that is included by Makefiles in the project folder. This file defines common settings and is needed for building. This folder used to be named 'common'.

The Project Folder

This folder is set up to simplify storing and building your Prizm projects.


If you do not know what these are, please read the GNU Make page. The Makefiles used in each subproject are pre-made and require little modification. The file's purpose is simply to build all source files under src/ and make a .g3a.

mkg3a and g3a's

mkg3a is a utility to convert a binary, along with the selected and deselected icons, into a .g3a, executable on the Prizm.

Making projects