FKey Bitmaps

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FKey codes used in FKey_Display and GetFKeyPtr

Pre Made F-Keys
Blank cells 0000 0446 04AE 04C3 04CA 04CB 04CD 04CE
Norm 04E0 and higher
Graph 0001 (filled)
Calc 0002(filled)
Test 0003(filled)
Intr 0004(filled)
Dist 0005(filled)
Unfilled play button 0006
SortASC 0007
SortDES 0008
Delete 0009
Yes 000A
Insert 000B
Graph1 000C
Graph2 000D
Graph3 000E
Select 000F(filled) 0037
Set 0010(filled)
On 0011
Off 0012
Draw 0013
1-Var 0014
2-Var 0015
Reg 0016(filled)
Scatter 0017
xyLine 0018
NPPlot 0019
Hist 001A
MedBox 001B
Box(with line above it) 001C