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Header: fxcg/display.h
Syscall index: 0x1D7B
Function signature: void DefineStatusGlyph(int idx, struct glyph_def* glyph)

Defines a custom glyph to be shown on the status area.


  • int idx - index of the glyph in the array.
  • struct glyph_def* glyph - pointer to a struct containing information on the glyph to display:
struct glyph_def {
    short    dx;    // usually 0x24, width of the glyph
    short    dy;    // usually 0x16, height of the glyph 
    void*    shortcolor_bitmap; // 2-byte-per-pixel (RGB565) bitmap
    short    xalignment; // alignment of the glyph in the status bar, see below.
    short    xoffset; // offset of the glyph, meaning varies with xalignment.

  • If xalignment is 1, the glyph is positioned left of the rightmost enabled icon. xoffset is added to the x coordinate.
  • If xalignment is 2, the glyph is positioned right justified. xoffset is subtracted (x=384-dx-xoffset).
  • If xalignment is 3, the glyph is positioned to xoffset (x=xoffset).