Cursor GetSettings

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Header: fxcg/display.h (Not yet in libfxcg)
Syscall index: 0x01F5
Function signature: unsigned int Cursor_GetSettings(struct cursorSettings*);

Returns cursor settings.


Either an array of 17 bytes or a pointer to a variable of type struct cursorSettings.

struct __attribute__ ((__packed__)) cursorSettings{
	unsigned cursorX;
	unsigned cursorY;
	unsigned unk;
	unsigned cursorFlashFlag;
	unsigned char unkByte;


The same value found in cursorFlashFlag.


cursorX and cursorY are set by locate_OS or Cursor_SetPosition.

cursorFlashFlag are set by Cursor_SetFlashMode_incompatible, Cursor_SetFlashOn or Cursor_SetFlashOff and most likely by other functions.