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Header: fxcg/display.h
Syscall index: 0x0276
Function signature: void Bdisp_Fill_DD(int color, int mode)

Fills different areas of the display with specified color, depending on mode. This function is in effect a wrapper around DirectDrawRectangle (see annotated disassembly below)


  • int color - color to fill the VRAM with
  • int mode - area of the VRAM to fill. If mode=1 draw a rectangle (6,24) to (389,215). If mode=2 the rectangle is drawn from (6,24) to (389,190). If mode=3 then the rectangle is drawn from (6,0) to (389,215) If mode=4 the rectangle appears to be drawn from (0,0) to (479,319). If any other value return from the function.

Annotated disassembly

! =============== S U B	R O U T	I N E =======================================

Bdisp_Fill_DD:				! CODE XREF: sub_8004C836+AA�p
					! sub_8004C836+B2�p ...
		sts.l	pr, @-r15
		extu.b	r5, r0
		cmp/eq	#1, r0
		bt/s	loc_80053C44	! Branch if mode=1
		mov	r4, r1		! Copy color into r1
		cmp/eq	#2, r0
		bt	loc_80053C4A	! Branch if mode=2
		cmp/eq	#3, r0
		bt	loc_80053C56	! Branch if mode=3
		cmp/eq	#4, r0
		bt	loc_80053C88	! Branch if mode=4
		bra	loc_80053C98	! Default case do nothing
! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

loc_80053C44:				! CODE XREF: Bdisp_Fill_DD+6�j
		mov	#6, r4
		bra	loc_80053C5A
		mov	#24, r5
! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

loc_80053C4A:				! CODE XREF: Bdisp_Fill_DD+C�j
		mov	#0xFFFFFFBE, r7	! y2
		mov	#6, r4		! x1
		extu.b	r7, r7		! r7=0xBE 0xBE=190
		mov.w	#389, r6	! x2
		bra	loc_80053C90
		mov	#24, r5		! y1
! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

loc_80053C56:				! CODE XREF: Bdisp_Fill_DD+10�j
		mov	#6, r4		! x1
		mov	#0, r5		! y1

loc_80053C5A:				! CODE XREF: Bdisp_Fill_DD+1C�j
		mov	#0xFFFFFFD7, r7	! y2
		mov.w	#389, r6	! x2
		bra	loc_80053C90
		extu.b	r7, r7		! r7=0xD7 0xD7=215
! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
!Table of constants removed
! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

loc_80053C88:				! CODE XREF: Bdisp_Fill_DD+14�j
		mov	#0, r4		! x1=0
		mov.w	#479, r6	! x2
		mov.w	#319, r7	! y2
		mov	r4, r5		! x1=y1=0

loc_80053C90:				! CODE XREF: Bdisp_Fill_DD+28�j
					! Bdisp_Fill_DD+34�j
		extu.w	r1, r2		! Zero extend color
		bsr	DirectDrawRectangle
		mov.l	r2, @-r15	! Pass color on	the stack (note	the delay slot this is executed	before the branch)
		add	#4, r15

loc_80053C98:				! CODE XREF: Bdisp_Fill_DD+16�j
		lds.l	@r15+, pr
! End of function Bdisp_Fill_DD