Bdisp ColorAndFrameSetFlags

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Header: fxcg/display.h (Not yet in libfxcg)
Syscall index: 0x0920
Function signature: unsigned short Bdisp_ColorAndFrameSetFlags(int colorMode,int frameColor);

Calls Bdisp FrameAndColor with an action value of 3. This means you will need to call the Bdisp FrameAndColor function with an action value of one to see the results of the newly set flags.


colorMode Nonzero if 8 color mode should be disabled. Zero to enable 8 color mode. frameColor Nonzero to draw a white frame, zero to draw a black frame.


See Bdisp FrameAndColor#returns


Here is a disassembly of the function:

		tst	r4, r4
		extu.b	r5, r2
		bf/s	r4NonZero
		mov	#16, r5		! If r4	is nonzero set r5 to 16	to disable 8-color mode
		mov	#0, r5		! Otherwise set	r5 to zero to enable 8 color mode

		tst	r2, r2
		bf	r2NonZero
		mov	#1, r0
		or	r0, r5		! Draw a black frame instead of	a white	one

		bra	Bdisp_FrameAndColor
		mov	#3, r4		! Set flags only, no actions other than	flag setting are taken by the funciton
! End of function Bdisp_ColorAndFrameSetFlags